Peter Sagos Personal Notes Plus

This Page is for what I have written down and taken with me from Bermuda’s prison(Westgate). Its a daily event log, personal thoughts on paper and certain “pretend pieces of evidence” I debug, there is also some family representative emails with Ottawa Criminal lawyer Michael Edelson.


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Peter Sagos Letter from Westgate sent to Michael Edelson 3 MB

4 Pages

I sent this letter to My Canadian Lawyer to document on what was happening to me in the court system while I was still in Bermuda (captors prison) (June 28, 2010). I needed a witness to this madness and Michael Edelson turned his back on me, just like everyone else. I couldn’t receive any legal help, I was alone. You will also see that the prison guards add their two cents on this letter to spell my name Andrew Sagos and then Cross out Andrew and then place my name. This is a form of prison guard interference!



Peter Sagos Daily Event Log While in my Captors Prison 3 MB

8 Pages. Page 8 is Blank



The Number of times in Bermuda Court 287 KB

1 Page


October 20, 2009 Letter to Family from Bermuda Prison. 2 Pages.

On the second page of this letter you have me explaining to my family that google and all search engines will be an issue for my real estate career.



Peter Sagos Family Emails with Michael Edelson. I’m very lucky to have this… 2 MB

12 Page


Peter Sagos Notes on the Manufactured Evidence from the

Bermudian Police Department while in Westgate 4 MB

12 Pages



Peter Sagos Email to The Royal Gazette After Release 695 KB

2 Page



Peter Sagos Letter to Mass Spec Analytical LTD 259 KB

1 Page



Peter Sagos Canadian Consulate Email Request and Answers 283 KB

2 Pages

The consulate does not help you when you are in need of help. Canada is know for leaving their citizens high and dry in foreign countries… Only if they fought for their citizens, maybe none of this would of happened! I asked for their assistance after I received the disclosure in 2015 and again they abandoned me. No help.



Peter Sagos Email to Bermuda Premier 141 KB

1 Page