Ian Mclean a LSUC/LSO Lawyer


Ian Mclean had his license to practice law revoked, they call it something else for PR reasons, but he is an embarrassment to his profession. I called around Ottawa to see if I could retain other legal council and I was turned down by all who I spoke too, but there were two paralegals and a lawyer that were writing complaints to the LSO/LSUC about Ian. I informed them that he had his license revoked and they freaked out, Ian was also doing Real Estate and he totally screwed everyone there too. Here in this PDF file outlining my complaint about him and the LSO/LSUC response. This asshole almost bankrupt me! Others knew that he was a liar and a thief! What can I say Canada… access to justice is nonexistent. Judicial Gangsterism and Judicial Gangsters are all about in Canada’s legal system. The LSO/LSUC had a responsibility to protect the public from these monsters. They failed again!

The world is watching and again Canada does not stand with their citizens!

Ian was the 9th lawyer.


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Here is just one example that these lawyers are monsters. Negligence or planned mistakes…
Defence lawyer’s error prompts Appeal Court to quash sex-assault conviction.


Issue’s facing Canada, that nobody knew about.

On February 20, 2020
The Chief Justice speaks out on judicial independence and the rule of law. Link to Article


On June 22, 2019
Chief Justice of Canada and Minister of Justice sign an Accord to strengthen the independence of the Supreme Court of Canada. Link to Article.
You will see here in these images that are the Analytics of PeterSagos.com on December 16, 2019. The usual suspects are on the site. We also have the hackers in the mix too. Someone out of this group has hired them. They keep coming at me. I keep recording. #vassalstate. Also this is when Justice Canada and the international co-conspirators found out that ian lost his license to practice law. The DOJ of the U.S.A. is looking at what the chatter was and came to review on January 8, 2020.