Bermuda Police Service Statements, Interviews and Interrogations.


You will have here all the nothing that was this case. They arrested me and as soon as I lashed out that I was going to sue to my then Bermuda lawyer Shade Subair, that’s when the prison was placed on me. You have no options…


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Drug Value as Stated by the Bermuda Police Service 894 KB

3 Pages



Peter Sagos Physical Description from Crown Witness 892 KB

3 Pages

This witness places my height at 5 foot 3. I stand 5 foot 10.



Crown Witness Second Statement 523 KB

2 Pages

Oh you know who this state witness that witnessed two men talking at a restaurant, but didn’t hear the 10 min conversation works for or is a member of… The Federal Express Customs Office. Employed by the state. I was planing to cross examine this person, I just couldn’t take the chance with these characters, I had my defense all the whole time. It’s this disclosure… They wouldn’t let me go to court. I would of represented myself.



Bermuda Customs Entry into Bermuda 339 KB

1 Page

This is a funny one… Why would I be allowed into a country with $5 and a Visa/Dept Card… I don’t know anyone. Why would this Bermuda Custom Officer not ask me to go to the closes ATM to see if I have any monies in it. This person was forced to sign this statement! We have Big Conspiracy here, now… Oh look below, its my 4 Suitcases, Traveling Luggage. One more thing, this person has the best memory in the world. She must screen what 10 People a day for 52 days before making this official statement.



Peter Sagos Four Suitcases Traveling Luggage 168 KB

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Peter Sagos Arrival Date to Bermuda 253 KB

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I entered into Bermuda on August 27, 2009.



Bermuda Police Lying about Judges Authorization for Search Warrant 286 KB

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I tested my then lawyer Shade Subair about this Search Warrant, Its impossible for this to happen in this land or for that matter any lands. Time line too short, also on who’s or what background arguments did this Search Warrant come from. I wrote Subair about that, also outlining the process to obtain a legal search warrant. Hold on, let me tell you what happens next… this statement showed up. I knew that this “lawyer” placed more of that prison on me. No Options. Ryan Lerra even admits in my police interrogation that my hotel room was illegally entered and occupied until this fake search warrant showed up. The idiots that work for the Bermuda Police Service were in my hotel room without this fake search warrant for over 15 minutes, that is on top of the other 45 minutes I was being held by the MORONS that work security including the Hotels Supervisor working that shift that day. Fairmont Southampton is a very dangerous place! Oh this should be in the Manufactured Evidence Section of the site, fuck it, I will leave it here.



Egide Plourde Interrogation with the Bermudian Police Department 3 MB

13 Pages



Peter Sagos Bermuda Police Interrogation Part 1. 6 MB

30 Pages

Part 2 is where they accuse me of some outrageous acts. With Part 1 you just see that I’m in this room with three Bermuda Police Officers. That’s two Bermuda Police Officers and a Cop Pretending to act as a lawyer, as I found out much later that Kenville Savoury was a narcotics officer with the bps for over 15 years. Fucking brutal!!

Pages of interest: 9, 14, 20, 28, 29, 30



Peter Sagos Bermuda Police Interrogation Part 2. 6 MB

27 Pages

Count the amount of Kilograms of Cocaine they also accuse me of importing. At one time or another there was over 250 million dollars(U.S) of drugs. Street value of course… ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!!!

Pages of interest: 38, 41, 47, 48, 50, 54