Twitter Archive

This twitter archive is for the deleted tweets that I was forced to delete by the Ottawa police service so they would stop harassing and threatening me with breach of a bail condition. These are the 167 tweets that I needed to delete for my freedom. I have taken screen shots of them for this archive. The calls from the ops started in December of 2017, but I had to yield due to definite imprisonment in January 2018. Deleted time line is from July 2017 to January 2018. Someone from outside of Canada contacted edelson to call the ops to complain and also try to charge me with criminal codes 299, 300, 301. edelson who is this person or persons? Are these charges dealing with Canada or some other country? Is this because of Bill C-51? This website has been on the internet since November of 2015… edelson why not call your buddies at the Ottawa police service for this then?????

Here is the report from the ottawa police service. They took away my ability of free speech. From page 8 to 37 is just the twitter feed and you tube screen shots. Here is Ottawa’s finest working overtime for a corrupt millionaire lawyer and bermuda.