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This Page is for Michael Edelson Ottawa Criminal Lawyer. The main reason why I hired out side representation is for someone to be witness to this gross miscarriage of Justice. When I knew that the majority of the disclosure was off the shores of Bermuda and in Canada, I could publish the truth, as what I’m doing now. The only problem that I was having with Michael Edelson was that he was lying to me about the disclosure. He would not hand it over. Michael Edelson stole my property and refused to hand it over because he flipped on his client. HE WILL DO IT TO YOU! Here is the proof! My advice for anyone seeking serves from him is to move on and find someone else, Michael Edelson is not trust worthy and does not protect his clients interests! He is by far one of the biggest idiots out there!

Edelson interfered in The Canadian Governments Internal Affairs. Interfered with a Canadians Citizens Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Undermining the whole time The Canadian Justice System with the support of the know corrupt country of Bermuda. Bill C-51…


What is Hearsay?

Michael never stepped foot in bermuda during my kidnapping and never attended a single day in bermuda’s court’s. All the work that edelson did was from the telephone or receiving an oral report from Dominic Lamb and Aron Shull. All statements made by Micheal are second or third hand, out of court statements. How can a court of law in any country accept these lies as facts?


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Peter Sagos Letter from Westgate sent to Michael Edelson 3 MB

4 Pages

I sent this letter to My Canadian Lawyer to document on what was happening to me in the court system while I was still in Bermuda (captors prison) (June 28, 2010). I needed a witness to this madness and Michael Edelson turned his back on me, just like everyone else. I couldn’t receive any legal help, I was alone. You will also see that the prison guards add their two cents on this letter to spell my name Andrew Sagos and then Cross out Andrew and then place my name. This is a form of prison guard interference!


Peter Sagos Official Complaint to The Law Society of Upper Canada about Michael Edelson 1.7 MB

6 Pages

I asked for the disclosure from Michael Edelson Ottawa Criminal Lawyer as soon as I landed in Canada. He gave me a reason about insurance blah blah blah… I always knew that he was lying to me, but how do I go about prying it out of Micheal Edelson Ottawa Criminal Lawyer hands. After going to the Upper Canada Law Society I had the disclosure in my possession 27 days later.

Here is the audio file of Peter Sagos collecting his stolen property from edelson.
8:42 minutes long. Minutes 0:00 to 0:23 audio, then nothing till 8:02 minutes. The rest of the time I was waiting.
Audio was recorded on May 11, 2015.


Letter from the LSUC blocking me from Michael Edelson, but at least with this letter, it outlines what happened in the background so I could retrieve my stolen property from the criminal. Lawyer. Michael Edelson 803 KB 2 Pages

Here are my attempts in communicating with Michael Edelson and his responses on this matter.


Peter Sagos Requesting for the Disclosure off of Michael Edelson Ottawa Criminal Lawyer 581 KB

2 Pages



Letter From Michael Edelson’s Office about the Disclosure 280 KB

1 Page

Edelson claims that there is a By-law in Ontario that lawyers do not need to hand over any Ontario disclosures to their former clients. Look at the lies he writes in this letter, by trying to misdirect me. What a punk! There is no jurisdiction for foreign anything. Edelson should of listen to my requests… I made sure of this in Bermuda as I had my disclosure while I was in westgate, I asked over 10 lawyers there in Bermuda just for this reason, that I can collect my disclosure once in Canada. One of the main reasons for hiring outside council was to bring me the disclosure once I landed back in Canada. Now Edeslon is the story. When I landed in Canada, my last Bermudian Lawyer Elizabeth Christopher was making fun of Edelson, asking me what he did for me. Tourist you have now been warned about Bermuda. Lawless state, corrupts everyone!! BTW this was all done verbally in 2010, I started in 2013 to document the process to prove the bullshit I was dealing with.



Email Communication with Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Michael Edelson, to get the Disclosure 1 MB

5 Pages



Email communication between Michael Edelson and Elizabeth Christopher. Peter Sagos instructions through his family to send the Canadian lawyers to Bermuda and the concerns with the disclosure and the case. 1 MB 2 Pages
These are Michael Edelson’s words before he flipped on his client.



Peter Sagos Family Emails with Michael Edelson. I’m very lucky to have this… 3 MB

12 Page



Michael Edelson Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Expert on Spec Mass Work 1 MB

3 Pages

FYI, Edelson never told me about this Expert or his paperwork during my kidnapping, I only read and found about this after receiving the disclosure on May 11, 2015.



Bermuda Policy on Admission of Foreign Counsel, it’s allowed and here is the law and facts on this. 893 KB 3 Pages

edelson to qualify to speak and work in bermuda in a court of law needs to be a Q.C.(Queens Council). He is not a Q.C. In bermuda many accused hire from outside of the country council because the bermudian lawyers are not trust worthy. Every time there is a big case there you always have a Q.C. from england or Jamaica or for that matter any other country that practices common law.

FYI, Edelson never told me about this Statement during my kidnapping, I only read and found this after receiving the disclosure on May 11, 2015.

edelson further theft of funds and both forensic experts are requesting how the activities from Mass Spec Analytics Ltd. in the analysis of objects purported to belong to Peter Sagos.


Update October 30, 2016

Release date of September 23, 2016

Ontario Supreme Court Judge is protecting Michael Edelson from Peter Sagos.

I placed a civil law suit against Michael Edeslon for $5,000,000.00 in May 2016, here is the outcome for now with this situation. With this endorsement from being heard by requisition is an out right joke. I have all the evidence needed plus more that I have not published on this site that places Edelson as blocker to this disclosure. This judge (Beaudoin J.) states that Edelson never owed any duty or any responsibility to hand over my property. Also this judge states that the time line has expired, greater then two years, but I have evidence going all the way to May 2015 that Edelson was interfering and withholding my proof of innocents(the disclosure). Look People I am being blocked by the system because the people that work for the system are guilty of assisting a kidnapping and trying to cover it up. It’s that simple!! Don’t forget about the death of Mr. Plorde too. The LSUC are also protecting Edelson. LSUC when it comes down to it allow for innocent peoples Human Rights to be violated by their members. The only person brave enough at the LSUC was Jan Walker, but she retired shortly after forcing Edelson to hand over my stolen property. I think she retired because of the fall out of what this means. The only reason why I was handed this disclosure is because Edleson made the mistake and spoke to me, when he did, that’s when he dry snitched/Freudian slip the way to force him to hand over my property. Corrupt lawyers, you bet!! Judges protecting IDIOTS, you bet!!

Here is edelson calling and leaving a message for my sister to “talk” to me. This call is for this civil suit. Why are you bothering my family edelson? How many times did you call or try to communicate with my family on this subject? This message was in late May of 2016. What did you say again michael… some sort of court proceedings against me????? edelson did not place a counter suit on me, he got his buddies at the ottawa police service to move on me in a criminal matter to shut me up, it’s like Turkey here in Ottawa (Turkish President Erdogan jailing everyone that has a different opinion of him). Well that isn’t going to work! What is beyond a joke, edelson is a criminal lawyer, nothing more, in a democratic country where free speech is encouraged and not stopped….



Case No. 37109 – Valentin Pintea v. Dale Johns, et al.
How should courts interpret and apply court rules to vulnerable self-represented litigants?
Click here for CPAC – For the Record Video. Place the time to 1:00:45 for relevant information. A Fair Process Leads to Fair Results?

Definition of a Punk:
A worthless person – Oxford dictionary.
Slang term – something or someone worthless or unimportant – Word reference.
Inferior, rotten or worthless person or thing – Collins dictionary.

Definition of an Idiot:
A stupid person – Oxford dictionary.
A foolish or stupid person – Merriam Webster dictionary.


Micheal Edelsons bad behavior in the courts.

May 7, 2013 – Witness father accuses police, defense of bullying. Link to article & video

Father has filled a complaint about defense lawyer Michael Edelson to the LSUC.

Michaels strategy/technique for the witnesses while on the stand was Gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief.

This case took 24 months before going to trail.

If Video is not viewable. Click here for this Video.

May 13, 2013 – Police assault trail witness may be unable to continue. Link to article & video

If Video is not viewable. Click here for this Video.


Release due to Privacy Commissioners (ATIP) request process. September 25, 2017

This is the day of December 23, 2009. The day after my court appearance when subair hands over a manufactured statement created by the Bermuda police service. FYI, I was re-charged (double jeopardy) for money laundering and proceeds of crime, 118 days after my arrest.


Released – May 29, 2018
Foreign minister too often left in dark about overseas torture cases, says auditor.
In a report released Tuesday, Auditor General Michael Ferguson said consular officials respond quickly to individuals on the ground who make claims, but take too long to ‘formally assess the allegations.’

2,452 Canadians arrested while travelling abroad during timeframe of audit. Link to article. CBC.

If Video is not viewable. Click here for this Video.


Released on February 5, 2019
Here is the denial letter for my request for the background information for the arrest warrant. You will read that

“Access is denied as the requested records do not exist”.

The judge during his one sided decision on October 3, 2018 outlined that he was satisfied with the arrest warrant. What arrest warrant? I even caught the judge lying in this trial. Canada claims to be a country of the “rule of law”. What Law? Canada is a vassal to bermuda.

Here is that illegal arrest again for context: Click for Video


Veil threats are not a crime. FRAUD-KANGAROO COURT.

This judge is not following the rule of law. This is the definition of fraud and kangaroo court.

Definition: Veiled threats are coded statements in which no explicit intentions are articulated.