Here is the ottawa police service tripping over themselves to pretend to have a case. This flat foot is taking direction from someone… Gee I wonder who could that be…. Oh it’s edelson spinning his useless web of lies. Human rights and the rule of law is no match when dirty cops and corrupt lawyers are working hard to manufacture evidence and cases.

Here is the statement that this liar wrote out and the contact he and I had.

Ottawa is a very dangerous place. The cops/judges do not follow the rule of law! They ignore it!

Here is more proof:


Here are a few audio clips I have recorded for my protection against these criminals!

1. He called and left a message on my voicemail on October 10, 2018 at 10:30am.

Here is the transcript of this voicemail.


2. Then I called him back about 30 minutes later on October 10, 2018 at 11:04am
This is a 4:12 minute audio recording with this “top cop”.


Here is the transcript of this conversation.


3. Here I am leaving a message to meet up with this liar. Clip the play button.


Here is the transcript of this conversation.



Here are additional video’s to assist.

Can I get my domain back? Million Dollar Listings San Francisco.
Here is a link to this Video. You might need a VPN to view it, as its a copyright issue. Click here to view. or Click here to view.



Go Daddy. When someone already has taken your domain.



Veil threats are not a crime. FRAUD-KANGAROO COURT.

This judge is not following the rule of law. This is the definition of fraud and kangaroo court.

Definition: Veiled threats are coded statements in which no explicit intentions are articulated.

If Video is not viewable. Click here for this Video.