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Pages: 1-2: Afraid of bad publicity, Bermuda denies TV crew entry.

Pages: 3-4: Bermuda Premier resigns amid scandal.

Pages: 5-6: Us Corporations have $1.4 Trillion hidden in Tax Havens claim Oxfam report.

Pages: 7: Ex-Bermuda Premier to stand trial on corruption charges.

Pages: 8: Britain on top of Corruption in Bermuda.

Pages: 9-13: Bermuda tops list of world’s top tax havens according to Oxfam.

Pages: 14-15: Washington DC names Bermuda on Tax haven list.

Pages: 16-17: A public relations disaster in Bermuda.

Pages: 18-27: Bermuda: Corruption in Paradise.

Pages: 28-35: Cruise Law News.

Pages: 36-41: Political Corruption in Bermuda.

Pages: 42-43: Overhaul of bribery and corruption laws.

Pages: 44-45: Bermuda Laws and legal matters. It’s About Rebecca Middleton. Big Article.


Released on December 12, 2016

It’s our sovereign right to set 0% corporation tax rate, UK-protected tax haven Bermuda say. The island relies on the UK for protection but has been judged the world’s worst tax haven. Click here for article.


Released on October 25, 2017

Bermuda cyber hack sees Britain’s wealthiest tax avoiders risk being exposed. Click here for article. 

Super-rich fear their financial details will be exposed following Bermuda cyber hack. Click here for article.


Released on November 5, 2017

Paradise Papers: ‘Not our job to collect your taxes’ – Bermuda. BBC News. Click here for video.

Paradise Papers: Tax havens secrets of the super-rich exposed. BBC News. Click here for article.

Bermuda is an example of a captured state. BBC News. Click here for video.



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